You love shopping? Buying clothes is like a therapy for you and detachment from everyday worries? You like seeing how others dress where you’re getting ideas for your own fashion statement? Then the reality show ‘Shopping Queen’ is a TV show made just for you!

Each week, five women compete for the title of the shopping queen. Weekly tasks, such as ‘maid of honour’, ‘birthday party’ or ‘animal print’ are just some of the topics that are given to the weekly candidates. Every day one of them has four hours and 2.000 kunas budget to buy the clothes to match the given topic, and finally arrive at the hairdresser and makeup artist in order to present the complete task. At the end of each day, one of them has to walk the catwalk, while the four other contestants watch and evaluate her appearance. At the end of the week, together with the fashion critic and stylist Borut Mihalić, they decide which candidate best presented the given style and becomes our shopping queen. During the week, Boris’s task is to observe how the candidates cope with the shopping and has to comment their choices. On Fridays, together with the other contestants, he pronaunces the winner.

The winner, along with the clothes she bought, wins 3.500 kunas. However, all the participants of the show are the winners in some way, since they can keep everything they bought.

This entertaining lifestyle TV show is broadcasted on Croatian RTL television!