About us

OHT Productions d.o.o. was founded in January 2015.


Just few months later OHT is the leading production house for Croatian TV market with more than 50 employees.


It all started with two daily formats; SHOPPING KRALJICA (Shopping Queen; Documentary Entertainment) and KOLO SRECE (Wheel of Fortune; Quiz Show). Both projects are produced for Croatian RTL Television and both projects have so far had an outstanding ratings. Having those results behind us, we started producing the 2nd season for both of those successful projects, Shopping Queen and the Wheel of Fortune.


First season of Shopping Queen lasted from March to June 2015 and the highest ranking of share in target group age 18 to 49 was 30,1 %. Average share was 21,4 %. The broadcast of second season began on September 9th and its production is still going on.


First season of Wheel of Fortune lasted from May to July 2015 and the highest ranking of share in target group age 18 to 49 was 33,5 %. Average share was 23,9 %. The second season of this entartainment show for all ages started with broadcast at the end of 2015.


ZVJEZDICE (Little Stars; Music Competition Show) is the 3rd show that OHT Production house produced for Croatian RTL television. The first season of this singing competition show for kids age 5 to 15 began with the broadcast on September 10th 2015 and had amazing audience share of 35,7 %. The second season is currently in production phase.


After an amazingly successful year, with the three major projects, professional and experienced OHT team its second year begins with a large project for Croatian RTL television – TRI, DVA, JEDAN – KUHAJ! (Three, Two, One – Cook!). It is the third season of RTL’s famous culinary show which has won many palates throughout Croatia. Our expert team will spice up the next season of this show with many innovations that you will soon have an apportunity to see on Croatian RTL television.


In addition to these four important and successful projects for the entire team OHT, we are in preparations of another great projects in 2016 on which you’ll soon know more.


I’m very happy and proud about the great start of the company, knowing that this was only possible with the best team I could gather.


In the past I worked for several production houses and TV stations in Germany, Croatia and Serbia. Always in leading positions, I was in charge either for the program of a broadcaster like DSF DEUTSCHES SPORTFERNSEHEN or the production of nearly all kind of TV genre shows: IDOL in Croatia, TOP MODEL, BEAT YOUR HOST, PERFECT DINNER and KITCHEN NIGHTMARES in Croatia and Serbia, HOME MAKE OVER in Serbia, SCHREINEMAKERS LIVE and FLIEGE Talk show in Germany and lots more.


With this experience plus the team around me, I’m certain we are able to produce every kind of TV show as a FULL SERVICE PRODUCTION HOUSE.



Hagen Offermann

Founder and Executive Producer

Zagreb, September 2015


Beograd, 22.01.2016 - Snimanje showa Zvezdice.

OHT Productions d.o.o.

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10040 Zagreb

Hrvatska / Croatia

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